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Playwright : Priyadarshini Mishra
Director : Gagan Mishra-Priyadarshini Mishra
Group : CURIO, A Group of performing art society, Jaipur

The Play

This play is a collage of three different stories and has a different theme than traditional plays. It is an effort to mingle three various stories of different writers from different countries into a single strand i.e. – American writer O Henry’s  Barber’s Shop, Indian writer Gagan Mishra’s ‘ Ant Ki Shuruat’ and Russian writer Maxim Gorky’s ‘Her Lover’. There is very beautiful and real representation of human behavior and feelings in all these stories.

In it on one side we enjoy the flavor of comedy in O Henry’s ‘Barber’s Shop’, while Gagan’s story shows us  how a writer forge in the name of creativity; on the other side Maxim Gorky’s story sorbs us in erotic (sringara) and pathetic (karuna) sentiments (rasas). By picking up common man as a central character of their stories, All three writers have done deep & meaningful evaluation of life.

Director’s Note

Bharat Muni describes play performance as an experiment (Natya-prayoga). Since ancient time we used to do different experiments in plot, structure, style and presentation in theatre. It was quite challenging and entertaining to combine these stories in a play; which have been written in various scenario and time. These types of efforts are self-satisfactory for any art-server. We have already performed it at various places and audiences appreciated it too; hope you will also love it.


Gagan Mishra

A Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar Awardee by Sangeet Natak Academy, Gagan Mishra is a TIE- NSD trained Artiste and a Jury Member in NCERT, New Delhi. He was awarded the Fellowship by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. Besides designing Theatre In Education Syllabus for the N.S.D. in 2006, Gagan has been a regular theatre activist through out, and has been on panel of various organizations including the British Council, NCZZ etc. in various capacities such as an Actor, Director, Theatre workshop conductor and so on.


An actor, writer, director of repute and a practitioner in Theatre In Education, Priyadarshini is the first female competitor of Rajasthan to qualify UGC net exam in Dramatics in 2014. While representing Rajasthan and India, she presented research papers in many National and International Seminars and Conferences on Theatre In Education and Theatre For Young Audience. She has a vast repertoire of work in Theatre to her credit including workshops with UNESCO and other National, International Institutions and organizations.


Short Descriptions of Dramatised presentations.

Barber’s Shop:  The central character of O Henry’s captivating creation Barber’s Shop is a Barber living in Houston city. Each phase of his life teaches him a lesson. The two morals “Tit for Tat”, & “Greed is a Curse”, he learnt in his childhood, are spread through this presentation.

Antt Ki Shuruaat: This story by Gagan Mishra brings us to the ground reality of life, where we, at some moment forget our principles, and fall into greasy traps to be successful. The central character is a talented writer (Author), for whom his “Creativity” & “Simplicity” are the pillars & strength, but once success surrounds him, he knees down and falls into all sleazy traps of “Marketing”.

Her Lover: This Story by Maxim Gorky concentrates on a completely friendless, forlorn and ugly human being calling herself Teresa, who invents a boy friend from back home. She is aware of how pathetic she is, but she stubbornly fights the loneliness of life by accepting this invented boy friend as real.

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Writer                        Girish Karnad
Director                     Akhilesh Narayan
Group                        Eklavya Theater Dehradun (Regd.), Uttarakhand
Duration                    90 Minutes


The play’s main character Rani is newly married, her husband Appanna spends most of his time with an another woman (a sult). He comes home only at lunch time. The queen only wants her husband’s attraction towards her. The queen mixes herbs given by her blind mother in his food. The food turns into the color of blood as soon as the herbs are added. The queen gets scared and turns the spiced dal into the snake’s anthill. The effect that the herb was supposed to have on her husband, gets on the snake. Snake is wishful… (ichchhadhari). Every night the snake comes to the queen in the form of her husband. He makes love to her every night. A few months later, the queen becomes pregnant by the wishful serpent, and the story begins in turmoil. Her husband Appanna is surprised and angry on hearing this. He accuses Rani of various misdeeds, and takes her to the panchayat. Panchs ask her to divine the snake, in which Rani emerges Pativrata. But Appanna does not trust her as he has never been in a relationship with Rani.

This story depicts a sacrifice. The sacrifice of a cobra to a love affair, and the love affair is not of a man with a man but of a man with a cobra. This work of Girish Karnad on the conflict between husband and wife, with all the questions, is presented before you.

Director’s Note

This venture starts from 14 July 2018.. It was a challenge in itself to stage one of Late Girish Karnad’s major works, Nagmandal. Your challenge is greater, when the whole cast is new… From the concept of music to the set design, everything was about variety and innovation, the only help came from the cast, and  experience of directing plays like’Yahoodi Ki Ladaki’, ‘Andha Yug’, ‘Katha Ek Kansa Ki’, ‘Ek Ruka Hua Faisla’, ‘Aurangzeb’, ‘Khidki’ etc. Confusion remained for a long time regarding the two endings of the play, but by the time it came to the end, everything got in order. The most challenging part was the selection of the main character of the play, Rani, but veteran artiste Jagruti Kothari made a special contribution, to play the main character of the drama despite all the difficulties. And today Nagmandal is going to participate in the 22nd Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2023. Now call it God’s grace or a miracle, that we are going to do this drama with the promotion of that institution, in which we feel proud just by stepping into it. But the truth is also that, the credit for all this goes to each and every one of my artistes, who have been, or are going to be, a part of this drama without worrying about day and night, dust and storms, home and family.

This note would not be complete without thanking my parents, sister and all my teachers…


Born on 05 November 1993 in Dehradun, Akhilesh Narayan completed his graduation. His activism in theater continues since 2001. Being from a theatrical family, his early education in theater started at home. His grandfather Natya Bhushan Lakshmi Narayan ji has been doing theater continuously since 1960, he only gave him the opportunity to work as a third generation in theatre. Major plays acted by him include Andha Yug, Deepdaan, Julius Caesar, Othello, Ek Ruka Hua Faisla, Yahoodi Ki Ladki, Nagmandal, Aurangzeb etc. Major plays directed by him are Katha Ek Kansa Ki, Hum To Aise Hi Hain, Kaun Hai Wahan, Saiyan Bhaye Kotwal, Mushkil Mein Khatoon, Sleuth and many more.

Among the honors and achievements he received, the prize of Rs. 10000 cash, given by the then Governor of Uttarakhand, Mr. Sudarshan Agarwal in 2005, for the play ‘Veer Abhimanyu’, “Bal Natya Ratna” award by Uttar Pradesh Rang Samiti in 2006 are major ones.  In addition to the scholarship provided by the Center for Cultural Resource and Training, Government of India, from 2006 to 2010. He received Best Director Award 20 times in a row in National Drama Competitions organized across the country.

Sandeep Verma
Srinagar Plays


Director : Sandeep Verma
Playwright : Narsingh Dev Jamwala
Group : Unison Unison Cultural Troupe, Jammu, (J&K)
Language : Dogri
Duration : 80 Mns.




Kunju Chanchalo is a dogri love saga which eulogized in folk songs as a symbol of platonic love is dramatically woven around the short lived love life of Kunju, a soldier in Raja’s army and Chanchalo, a goli of rani. Kunju dies fighting in a bettle and the love torn chanchalo kills herself by jumping in a river. The death of mortal bodies does not deter the lovers who get united in the spiritual releam.

Director’s Note

I was always fascinated by the traditional culture of my own state. Always wanted to create a performance piece but that too in Dogri. I have been listening to this folk song since childhood which is sung in dogra belt as well as Himachal belt. I choosed the text by Narsingh Dev Jamwal sir. Indeed it was an honor for me to direct this wonderful play that too written by a veteran from my own soil. Visualization of the text was a challenge but through the production process it became easy. I had tried to visualize this beautiful folk with the omamentation by traditional and local dilect and nuances of Dogra culture.


Born on 1 July 1983 Sandeep Verma has been doing theatre continuously for last 11 years. He completed his B.Com. from Jammu University and obtained the Post Graduate degree in Journalism & Mass Communication from INGOU. He has acted in 55 performances of 20 major plays under the direction of Mushtaq Kak, Ifra Kak, Vijay Malla and Baljeet Raina in many National and International Theatre Festivals all over India. Some of the major productions he acted in are Widows, Ghair Zaroori Log, Self Stories, Gori Maa ke Kale Bachche etc. He has  worked as assistant director with Mushtaq kak, Vijay Malla and Ifra kak in theatre.

He has directed plays like “Kunju Chanchlo” written by padamshree ND Jamwal,  “Musafirkhana”, “Tamasha”, “Kavi Karanpurna (Sanskrit)” and Padamshree Motilal kemu’s “Nangey”. Musafirkhana was performed in a theatre festival organized by “Odeon Odyssey” theatre group. Nangey was also performed in two different Theatre Festivals. Besides he has given voice to more than 10 characters in Radio plays. He acted in Bollywood movie “Noor”  and worked also as assistant director in the project. Acted in Bollywood movie Goggles of Rajesh Khanna”.

He has acted in about 15 serials for DD Kashir and directed two short films “THE TIP” and “Sapney”, screened in two International Film Festivals. He has organized and conducted many Theatre workshops.


Unison Cultural Troupe works to carry forward state rich old, modern and classical traditions of performing arts. Simultaneously, this organization is working under patronage of state/ centre Government’s various cultural programmes through theatre and musical. Unison is dedicating its efforts for promotion of art and culture. We worked for Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Dogri theatre all over India in many Theatre festivals. We also organised few of our own theatre festivals in Jammu with new talented directors. Our mission is to promote the talent of our state. We also organised Duggar folk festival, a sequence of duggar folk songs and dances.